Knit night at Starbucks

Tonight was knit night at Starbucks ANDimageimageimage…the beginning of beer and wine being served. Oh yeah! I tried a mermaid Pilsner (I think)

from Brooklyn. It was pretty good. It was served with a small dish of spiced pumpkin

seeds. A nice touch. Now let’s get to knitting. I learned to knit in the round on two circular

needles. I normally use the magic loop method when knitting socks or anytime I’m

knitting in the round and the circumference of the item is smaller than the needles. My

knitting buddies kept saying, ” it’s the same as magic loop”. I just wanted to try the two

circular method. They were right. It’s basically the same thing. I now have that technique

under my belt. I needed to try it for myself. We also looked through a book titled, Textured

Knits. Quick and easy step by step projects by Julia Cooper. Beautiful garments, we oohed

and ahhed. The instruction was clear and the diagram were also clear. I am

looking forward to trying a sweater from this book. Next week we will be meeting in the

local library. Starbucks was a little too crowded tonight. Our Starbucks is small to begin

with and I think the beer and wine will make it harder for us to grab a table for a couple of hours.


Prizes — Long Island Yarn Crawl

All prizes are now up on the website. In addition to our grand prizes this year we have prizes for crawlers that turn in a passport with less than 12 shop stamps and for charity knits. Make sure you turn in your passport at any shop at the end of the crawl to be eligible, even […]

via Prizes — Long Island Yarn Crawl


Dishcloth trio

imageimageOne of my Saturday at the library knitters had a bag of cotton yarn that she no longer had any use for. I like to knit dishcloths, washcloths and spa cloths so I bought the bag.  It contained ten balls of cotton yarn. So far I made a rug and these dishcloths. Two are the traditional and one is the double seed stitch pattern. I use them for dishes and for cleaning and wiping surfaces. The Knit Picks book, 52 weeks of dishcloths is a great resource full of knit and crochet patterns.

Hand knit socks · knitting

Pair #3 in 2016

This pair of socks is the slip stitch basic heel from the book, Socks from the toe up by Wendy D Johnson. I changed the instep and the leg of the sock to a k3p3 rib. I love them. I’m still trying out different heels to see which I like best. This heel had wraps and turns that the gusset basic sock did not have. The way it wears is image

a concern. From what I hear, the slip stitch heel can better withstand the rubbing/friction from the back of a shoe. We shall see. This yarn was glorious to knit with. It is Bittersweet glamour glams HT. Hand dyed superwash sock yarn. Content is merino/cashmere/nylon. Colorway is Avalon. I purchased it at the NYS sheep and wool festival in Rhinebeck, NY.


How to knit a scarf

The craft yarn council has a program called each one teach two. They have teaching guides for knitting and crocheting. At the end of the lesson(s), you are provided with instructions on how to knit a scarf. It’s great for beginning knitters and also the tips for teaching are helpful. Go take a look see.
Fringed with Ribbon Scarf

8” x 72”

12 oz worsted weight yarn, rose
Assorted narrow ribbons, about 40 yards
Crochet hook (for fringe)
Size 8 (5 mm) knitting needles (or size required for gauge)
9 sts = 2”

Row 1: (K5, P5) across row.
Row 2: (P5, K5) across row.
Rows 3 through 6: Repeat Rows 1 and 2 twice
Row 7: (P5, K5) across row.Row 8: (K5, P5) across row.
Rows 9 through 12: Repeat Rows 7 and 8 twice.

Cast on 35 sts.

Knit two rows for foundation.

Repeat Rows 1 through 12 of pattern in sequence until piece
measures about 72” long, ending by working Rows 1 through 6 of pattern. Purl
two rows. Bind off.

Cut ribbons and remaining yarn into 14” lengths. For each knot, combine 2 strands of yarn with two or three strands of ribbon using a variety of ribbons. Fold the yarn and ribbon in half. Hold the scarf with the right side facing you. Using a crochet hook, draw the folded ends through the space from right to wrong side. Pull the loose ends through the folded section. Draw the knot up firmly. Make 8 knots of fringe between the first two rows at each short end, knotting between intersections of knit and purl stitches and at each outside edge


My first lace shawl project. 

image.jpegThe hexagon shawl says it’s perfect for your first lace project, that it’s mindless knitting. I couldn’t disagree more. My friends and I saw this shawl at Vogue knitting live in NYC.  We fell in love and decided to have a knit along.  While it’s been fun getting together once a week, this is far from easy or mindless for me. The fine yarn and open lace pattern makes it difficult for me to read my knitting. As one of my knitting buddies said “you need to knit clean”. A mistake such as a yarn over or yarn splitting isn’t easy to spot. You may (I did) knit these mistakes and include them in your stitch count. So, while I will finish this shawl and will try another lace project, it won’t be anytime soon.