This Yarn Changes Color!

I loved working with this yarn. It’s the yarn I won from Moose Manor Hand Paints. This is the first time I have worked with Peruvian wool. It was soft with a nice stretch to it.

The pattern is The Big Hat from Sheep and Stitch.

Now, this yarn is the Limited Edition Mystical Moose Colorway. The color changes depending on the lighting. I thought for sure it was tones of brown. When I tried it on and looked in the bathroom mirror, it was tones of burgundy.

So fun. Visit


The big hat
Colorway is Trout Brook



Takumi Bamboo Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles Combo Set. 




I have been wanting to purchase a second set of circular needles for a while now. Although my Addi clicks are my regular everyday needles, every now and again I like to knit with wooden needles. This is especially so when I’m using a bulky yarn. I don’t know why, but I like the feel of  the wood needles with a bulky or chunky yarn.

So many choices! I read reviews, checked out some YouTube videos and asked my knitting group. My main concerns were:

  1. Price
  2. Smoothness of join
  3. Connection security

After those things, I considered the look of the needles and the accessories the set came with.

I settled on the Takumi set. The retail price is 169.95 and I thought I would use my Michael’s stores 50% off coupon. That was the plan until I received an Amazon credit. I found the set for 84.75. I used my credit and with free 2 day shipping, I was good to go.

The join is just as smooth as I had heard. No discernible bump when I run my finger over it. The swatch I knit with it went smoothly. No snagging or dragging.

I had an issue with the connection of my first interchangeable needles. They were from Knitters Pride. I found myself having to redo the connection every 3 or 4 rounds.  The knitting instructor at my library said it was probably because I was knitting so tightly, and the constant pushing of my stitches was slowly undoing the connection.

So far the connection is not an issue. I also believe practice has made me a more comfortable, at ease knitter. We will see.

I chose the classic bamboo over some of the other beautiful colored needles. I want to see my work clearly on the needles and not worry if my dark yarn will be difficult to read on multi colored needles.

The set includes:

12 needles in sizes 3-15

5 cords in 16 24 29 36 and 48 inch lengths

storage case



  1. img_0537-1
    How it arrives
    They are beautiful

    The needle easily screws onto the cord

Why Am I Knitting With Super Bulky Yarn in June?

I simply did not have the patience to wait for cooler weather. I was gifted this wonderful, I guess you would call it novelty yarn and I was eager to see and feel it knitted up. It’s Polar FFF. The fiber content is 35% wool, 35% acrylic and 30% nylon. 

I made a cowl/snood and a hat. The label recommends size 13 needles and ravelry’s yarn page recommended size 17. I used size 15.  Bamboo straights for the cowl and a size 15, 16 inch circular for the hat. 

The hat is a pattern from Sheep & Stitch I found on YouTube. And the cowl I made up as I went along. It’s a k3,p3 on one row then knit the purls and purl the knits. I have seen this referred to as the trinity stitch. Not really sure what it is. I then seamed it side to side. It measures about 26 inches wide and 19 inches tall. 

The yarn gave me a little trouble. Every now and again the thread would get caught up and my stitch would be tight or twisted. It took a bit of time to get accustomed to it. Here is the link for the hat tutorial on YouTube. 


Making Gifts and Moose Manor Hand Paints

I have so many items on the needles, however, because they’re gifts, I’m not able to post any photos yet. I cannot wait to show you! In the meantime, my monthly meeting of the Eastern Long Island Knitting Guild was visited by Moose Manor Hand Paints. I am curious about yarn dyeing and Betty Murphy of Moose Manor had lots to show and tell. 

A nice bonus: I won a skein of her chunky 100% Peruvian Cotton yarn.