My first lace shawl project. 

image.jpegThe hexagon shawl says it’s perfect for your first lace project, that it’s mindless knitting. I couldn’t disagree more. My friends and I saw this shawl at Vogue knitting live in NYC.  We fell in love and decided to have a knit along.  While it’s been fun getting together once a week, this is far from easy or mindless for me. The fine yarn and open lace pattern makes it difficult for me to read my knitting. As one of my knitting buddies said “you need to knit clean”. A mistake such as a yarn over or yarn splitting isn’t easy to spot. You may (I did) knit these mistakes and include them in your stitch count. So, while I will finish this shawl and will try another lace project, it won’t be anytime soon.