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Yarn Dyeing Resources

I love how Looliemom’s hair matches her yarn.


My interest in dyeing my own yarn is steadily growing. It began with my annual visit to the Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair. I was attracted to the bright colors in the Groovy Hues Fiber display. In addition to her beautiful locally dyed yarns, she had a dye your own kit. It included a bare yarn and several kool aid packets. Suzanne gave me a quick lesson on dyeing with kool aid and referred me to a website for additional information. That website is

This is a short post to share the information I have so far. Groovy Hues Fiber and Looliemom are two local dyers that I have purchased yarn from.  They both had gorgeous, colorful yarn. I’m partial to sock yarn and both of them offered a good selection.

I divided a 100 gr. hank into 5 mini skeins so I could try different techniques.


Groovy Hues Fiber

YouTube has been my friend. Chemknits and Hue Loco are the channels I studied. Chemknits in particular teaches so many different techniques. I learned the space dyeing, gradient and self stripeing methods from her.

And lastly, Instagram is my place for inspiration. Enter a hashtag and what you’re interested in seeing and the whole world opens up. #knittersofinstagram #knitallthesocks and #dyersofinstagram are some of my favorites.

I hope you check then out. Enjoy your week!



My First Sock Blank

I’m dyeing my first sock blank today. It’s soaking in a water and vinegar solution right now and the plan is to dye wide stripes with food coloring. Once it’s dyed and dried, I can knit right from the blank or wind it in a ball and knit. Also, this is a double blank which means the socks will be identical. Although I really don’t mind my socks not being matchy, matchy. I actually like when they knit up differently. Let’s see what I get. img_0641-1img_0678Wish me luck!


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I Think I like Dyeing Yarn

Here are a slew of pictures of my beginning to dye adventure. I’ve used Kool Aid and food coloring. Next I’ll give acid dyes a try. For those I’ll have to buy designated dye pots and utensils. Thrift shops here I come. I’ll also have to work in the basement so I don’t contaminate any food stuff.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Excited to try my hand at a sock blank.

Soaking in warm water

Ready for the microwave
Hot, hot, hot
This is what one of the skeins looks like. 
Knitted up!
Space dyed with food coloring.

A Hodge Podge Of Stuff

This is a quick post to share some of my favorite things and some brand new things. A while back, Sue from my knitting group made all of us a project bag. I love this bag. It’s perfect for taking my socks (I always have a sock project) with me whenever I can. The fabric is a pretty paisley and it has a drawstring to close. She also made us beautiful stitch markers. 

Next up is a notions bag that Ann, another friend in my knitting group made for us. Such talent! This bag is leather like, feels buttery soft and plush. It has a zipper closure and is full lined. And most importantly, it fits everything a knitter needs. 

And lastly, I ordered some bare yarn from knit picks. I wanted to give dyeing my own yarn a try. I purchased bare Natural Felici (sigh) a Natural Bare stroll sock blank and a Sophia Alpaca Cloud Fingering Yarn. I have kool aid and jacquard dyes. I tried the kool aid method, next up the acid dyes. 

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Long Island Livestock’s 4th Annual Wool Party

Hello gorgeous!





Stitch markers



I didn’t get the discount advertised, but I’ll still get some gorgeous socks out of this llama and silk yarn.


Fleece & fiber



imageLong Island Livestock is always a good time. The animals are always in a good mood, people are friendly and the goods are, of course, to die for. Tabbethia offers raw fiber, beautiful yarn, body butters, pillows, bags, stitch markers…so, so much.

She holds several Open House days throughout the year. Follow Long Island Livestock on Facebook and Instagram so as not to miss the next one.


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These Clear Converse Sneakers Are Great.

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageI am loving the clear Converse All Star. I can show off all my hard work without having  to take off my shoe. Not that I really mind that. I do it in a heartbeat.

I picked them up at for $49.99. They run 1/2 size large and so far are really comfortable. AlthoughI don’t see myself playing tennis or anything in them, these lo top clear chucks are exactly what I was looking for.