Three Free Bulky Cowl Patterns

My all time favorite cowl pattern is The GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley. It’s the first one I knit and also the easiest. It’s a simple seed stitch (my favorite) and always looks great. Comfy and cozy.


Another goody is The Cozy Ribbed Scarf by Lady By The Bay. The ribbing gives this cowl a wonderful, stretchy feel. This one says “weekend and jeans” to me.


Next is The Squishy Soft Cowl by Jill June. This one has an interesting and pretty diagonal line.


All three of these cowls are on the hot right now list on Ravelry. They are quick knits due to the bulky yarn and large needles. Give one, two or all three a try. Enjoy!


Monster Sock With An Afterthought Heel

I’m not sold yet on this afterthought heel. I’m giving it a fair shot. Two more pairs and I’ll know if it’s for me. I do like the look of it and it fits me well. I also like that you can easily redo the heel if it wears out. 

I followed the instructions in the videos made by KnitPurlHunter. I watch her videos quite a bit.  She gives clear instructions and is open to questions by the viewer. Check her out. her afterthought heel video part 1


I’m Going To Use The Yarn I Have Before Buying More

Said no knitter ever. I was listening to The VeryPink Knits podcast and she said she doesn’t have a stash. I looked at my iPod like it was crazy. No stash? Really? How? 

Staci Perry went on to explain that she buys yarn for specific projects. She buys, then casts on so, no stash. With that inspiration, I started gong through my stash. Then through my needles and all the notions we knitters own. I divided the many measuring tapes, needle stoppers, little scissors, pens etc. I packed up three notion bags that I can take with me and my wips. 

Then I came across a needle sizing (gauge) tool. I insert my Addi’s that no longer had the size visible until I find the right fit. Well, something just wasn’t right. I could barely make out the writing on the gauge. Thinking to myself, geeze my eyes are getting bad, I can’t see what it says. 

I’m struggling to make out the numbers, then I see it. Drill Gauge. It’s a drill bit gauge not a knitting needle gauge!
That one goes into the garage. 


My First Sweater Is Finished And I Need To 🐸

It’s done! Yes, yes, yes. But…First thing:  Picking up stitches for the neckline was difficult for me. I just found it awkward. I wound up using a crochet motion to pick them up. The back of the neckline looks very neat, the front not so much.

Now for the reason I need to frog. The underarm area is too tight 😬. The seams look good but are much too tight to wear comfortable. Especially since I would probably wear a shirt or turtleneck underneath.

So, my project for the weekend is to finish and wear my sweater. I will then start another me. The next one I make will also be longer to better fit my long torso.

In the meantime, I picked up the book, Knits For Everybody at Knitpicks.

The book has patterns for a basic sweater, hat, sock and mittens. Sizes range from baby to men’s xxl and women’s plus sizes.img_0853<<<<