Kara Gott Warner And The Stitchucation Challenge

2 shawl babies
Shawl baby with trellis openwork, garter and stockinette.


I got turned on to Kara through the Power Purls Podcast. Her podcast introduced me to designers, yarn companies and many other useful and educational things I didn’t know I needed to know. She was also the executive editor of Creative Knitting Magazine. So, when she announced she was holding a five day Stitchucation Shawl challenge, my ears (and hands) perked up.

I have never been a fan of shawls. No particular reason, just not a big fan. However, at almost 60 yrs old, I feel I need to wear something pretty around my neck for reasons all of us women know. And a shawl can also be worn as a neckerchief!

I am so happy I participated. I learned two different ways to start a shawl, the single knit and the garter tab. I also learned to make “shawl babies” which are swatches in the shape of a shawl. These shawl babies allowed me to try different cast ons, yarn weights and needle sizes. There were no rules. You were free to use whatever you wanted. She provided the template and I was off and running.

I learned that a shawl requires a stretchy bind off. If you use the standard bind off, when you wrap it around your neck, the bottom edge rolls and doesn’t lay flat. That brings me to the applied edging. Yes, I learned that too!

The creativity really started to flow! I could mix garter stitch with stockinette stitch or I could use an openwork pattern bordered by stockinette. The possibilities are endless and…there is no pattern needed! Follow the template, choose your yarn(s), your needles and plot it out or design as you go. Very, very exciting!

Many thanks to Kara Gott Warner for this challenge. She has a Shawl Workshop beginning May 1st. Enrollment ends today April 17 at 11:59 pm. It’s a 5 week challenge at cost of $5.00. I won’t be able to participate in this one because of the Master Hand Knitter program. That’s my first priority at the moment.

Check out the Power Purls Podcast and also