Knit night at Starbucks

Tonight was knit night at Starbucks ANDimageimageimage…the beginning of beer and wine being served. Oh yeah! I tried a mermaid Pilsner (I think)

from Brooklyn. It was pretty good. It was served with a small dish of spiced pumpkin

seeds. A nice touch. Now let’s get to knitting. I learned to knit in the round on two circular

needles. I normally use the magic loop method when knitting socks or anytime I’m

knitting in the round and the circumference of the item is smaller than the needles. My

knitting buddies kept saying, ” it’s the same as magic loop”. I just wanted to try the two

circular method. They were right. It’s basically the same thing. I now have that technique

under my belt. I needed to try it for myself. We also looked through a book titled, Textured

Knits. Quick and easy step by step projects by Julia Cooper. Beautiful garments, we oohed

and ahhed. The instruction was clear and the diagram were also clear. I am

looking forward to trying a sweater from this book. Next week we will be meeting in the

local library. Starbucks was a little too crowded tonight. Our Starbucks is small to begin

with and I think the beer and wine will make it harder for us to grab a table for a couple of hours.

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