Knitting Workshop with Elizabeth Zimmermann

I borrowed the Knitting Workshop with Elizabeth Zimmermann DVD from my local library. Twice. I haven’t seen it all yet. There are two discs, divided into three parts with four half hour lessons in each part. 

I started watching and taking notes. However, watching her knit gave me the urge to knit, so I watched and knit along with EZ. Now, it’s an after the holidays purchase for myself. I am loving it! What a personality this woman was. 

What’s included in the DVD 

The website has patterns, books and videos. Enjoy!


Learn to knit or crochet with the Craft Yarn Council

imageAre you familiar with The Craft Yarn council?  They call themselves  “the yarn industry’s one-stop resource”. And I have to agree. What a wealth of information they are!  They are working with Michaels Arts & Crafts Stores to offer knit and crochet classes. They call it the discover program. You can learn to knit or crochet (or both) at your local Michaels. The classes will be taught by instructors who are graduates or students of the council’s certified instructors program.

My local store has the classes at 25.00 for a 2 hour session. Pretty reasonable right? If you want to learn to knit or crochet this would be a great place to start. Take the kiddies too!