Takumi Bamboo Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles Combo Set. 




I have been wanting to purchase a second set of circular needles for a while now. Although my Addi clicks are my regular everyday needles, every now and again I like to knit with wooden needles. This is especially so when I’m using a bulky yarn. I don’t know why, but I like the feel of  the wood needles with a bulky or chunky yarn.

So many choices! I read reviews, checked out some YouTube videos and asked my knitting group. My main concerns were:

  1. Price
  2. Smoothness of join
  3. Connection security

After those things, I considered the look of the needles and the accessories the set came with.

I settled on the Takumi set. The retail price is 169.95 and I thought I would use my Michael’s stores 50% off coupon. That was the plan until I received an Amazon credit. I found the set for 84.75. I used my credit and with free 2 day shipping, I was good to go.

The join is just as smooth as I had heard. No discernible bump when I run my finger over it. The swatch I knit with it went smoothly. No snagging or dragging.

I had an issue with the connection of my first interchangeable needles. They were from Knitters Pride. I found myself having to redo the connection every 3 or 4 rounds.  The knitting instructor at my library said it was probably because I was knitting so tightly, and the constant pushing of my stitches was slowly undoing the connection.

So far the connection is not an issue. I also believe practice has made me a more comfortable, at ease knitter. We will see.

I chose the classic bamboo over some of the other beautiful colored needles. I want to see my work clearly on the needles and not worry if my dark yarn will be difficult to read on multi colored needles.

The set includes:

12 needles in sizes 3-15

5 cords in 16 24 29 36 and 48 inch lengths

storage case



  1. img_0537-1
    How it arrives
    They are beautiful

    The needle easily screws onto the cord

Needles and Wips

I really need to clear up some of these wips. There is a fair isle hat, a sock, möbius cowl, beanie for my other half, blah blah blah. Those blahs are a cardigan, a skirt and a frogging in progress. Thank goodness for an interchangeable set of needles. 

I use my Addi lace short tips on the regular. I also have a couple of bamboo straights and fixed circulars. When knitting with bulky or chunky yarn, I like to use bamboo. There’s something warm and cozy about big yarn and wood needles. 

I am now on the market for an interchangeable bamboo set. Ravelry and Amazon have a ton of reviews. I’m hoping my knitting guild has a needle tasting. That’s a great way to test before you buy. I’m going to suggest it at the next meeting. Let’s see how it flys. 

Have a great week knitters!