What should I change my blog’s name to?

I’m thinking about changing the name of this blog. I intend to share all my interests. Knitting, spinning, bread making and soaping. Maybe Nyknits & Makes Soap? Or maybe Nyknits & Makes? Soap making is my passion at the moment. Should I leave it alone until I’m sure if I’ll keep on it? Although, I still get a kick out of making bread, and the hubs loves it ( he once ate a plate of just bread) the weight gain is real, folks.

Coffee bars

Three Free Bulky Cowl Patterns

My all time favorite cowl pattern is The GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley. It’s the first one I knit and also the easiest. It’s a simple seed stitch (my favorite) and always looks great. Comfy and cozy.


Another goody is The Cozy Ribbed Scarf by Lady By The Bay. The ribbing gives this cowl a wonderful, stretchy feel. This one says “weekend and jeans” to me.


Next is The Squishy Soft Cowl by Jill June. This one has an interesting and pretty diagonal line.


All three of these cowls are on the hot right now list on Ravelry. They are quick knits due to the bulky yarn and large needles. Give one, two or all three a try. Enjoy!


My First Monster Sock And Afterthought Heel Is Making Me…

Feel determined. So far, I’ve frogged the heel once and, I venture to say I will rip it, rip it at least one more time. I’m determined though. I’m putting it aside for a second and come back with a fresh eye and rested hands. I do love this monster sock. It’s made up of leftover yarn from all the socks I’ve knit this year.

It started out fine. 


The sock is done. Now for the heel. 

I picked up the stitches on either side of the waste yarn. 

The gap is waiting for the heel. 

There’s a little bit of Mother, Joanie, Bob and Rhinebeck in this sock. Ann, from my knitting group said I should call it a memory sock. I like that idea.