A Hodge Podge Of Stuff

This is a quick post to share some of my favorite things and some brand new things. A while back, Sue from my knitting group made all of us a project bag. I love this bag. It’s perfect for taking my socks (I always have a sock project) with me whenever I can. The fabric is a pretty paisley and it has a drawstring to close. She also made us beautiful stitch markers. 

Next up is a notions bag that Ann, another friend in my knitting group made for us. Such talent! This bag is leather like, feels buttery soft and plush. It has a zipper closure and is full lined. And most importantly, it fits everything a knitter needs. 

And lastly, I ordered some bare yarn from knit picks. I wanted to give dyeing my own yarn a try. I purchased bare Natural Felici (sigh) a Natural Bare stroll sock blank and a Sophia Alpaca Cloud Fingering Yarn. I have kool aid and jacquard dyes. I tried the kool aid method, next up the acid dyes. 

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Knit Picks Two At Once, Toe up, Magic Loop socks.

imageI attempted to knit two at a time socks on pair #2 of 2016. I had previously knit a skirt two at a time, and thought I could do this again, Well, the skirt was just two rectangles, it was knit flat and I had an instructor and experienced knitters on hand to help. The socks were a different story.

The toes started out fine. The increases presented no problems whatever. Once I got to the foot, as all sock knitters know, I was on easy street.

The heel is where I ran into trouble. I just could not get it to work. I wound up connecting the socks. I did not realize I needed to work one heel at a time. So, I transferred one sock to another set of circulars and finished them up one at a time. I was determined to try again. I found this pattern on the Knit Picks website.


I am giving it a go. I plan to use their Capretta yarn. It is a merino/cashmere/nylon blend.The Bittersweet yarn on my Pair #3 post is the same blend and I absolutely loved knitting with it. The socks feel wonderful. Soft and squishy. Just like I like them.

ETA: It is a cold, snowy, wet Sunday in New York. A perfect pajama and knit day.