The Cutest Preemie Hat Patterns. 

There are five different versions of a preemie hat included in this free pattern by Carissa Brownng. There is an eyelet, a striped one, one with a diamond design, one with a heart design and a ribbed one. I made the eyelet hat and am now casting on for the striped one.  The Eastern Long Island Knitting Guild asked their members if they would donate their time and knitting skills for Cohen’s Children’s Hospital. This is my very first charity knit. I don’t know what took me so long. If you’re looking to do something for charity, consider one of these adorable hats. Get the pattern here hatsimg_1221.


Vogue Knitting Live In New York City. 



This was my third year at THE event of my knitting world. Vogue Knitting Live. This was also the first time I felt confident enough to take a class. I attended Melissa Leapman’s Plug “n” Play workshop. I came away with an understanding of my body type and what sweater style is most flattering for me. She discussed the sweater silhouette, the sleeve style and neck type best for various body types. Her latest book is 6000+ Pullover possibilities. I’m glad I took the class. I’ll be taking a class again next year. The fashion shows are always a highlight for me. I leave wanting to “knit all the things”. If they come to your city and you love the fiber arts, go and enjoy. 


Who Knits A Sweater Of The Golden Gate Bridge?


I saw this post about Sam Barsky on’s Facebook page.  This guy Knits sweaters of different places, scenes and landmarks, then takes photos of himself at that place. I was blown away at his creativity and talent. I love knitting so much!  Enjoy the photos. 


Learning To Handletter 

My practice sheet. 

I want to make my bullet journal attractive and pleasant to look at. I’m no artist, but I can draw a straight line or two. I found some great practice sheets for brush lettering at Tombowusa and for  serif letters at

Grab them and practice with me.


How I am managing my yarn stash in my bullet journal. 

img_1036Late last year, I was listening to the VeryPink Knits podcast. Staci and KC (the hosts) were discussing how Staci does not have a yarn stash. I must have looked real cute in my cubicle at work, with my ear buds in and my mouth wide open. NO STASH!!? I do not know one knitter that does not have a stash. I am a new knitter. As a matter of fact, tomorrow, January 7th is my knitterversary. It will be my fourth knitterversary.

After four years, I have quite the stash. Let me take you back to the Verypink podcast. When KC asked Staci what she does when she goes into a yarn store and sees all the beautiful yarn, Staci said something like, I touch it, admire it and put it back. She only buys yarn she is going to cast on right away. Hmmm. I could do that.

I’ve been on a simplifying kick. I listen to the podcast, I participate in project 333 created by Courtney Carver of Be more with less and I started a bullet journal.

How I’m keeping track of my projects.

. One of my goals for 2017 is to use the yarn I have before buying anymore. And after attaining that goal, I will only buy yarn I am ready to cast on with.

I needed to take inventory. I needed a way to see my stash dwindle. Needed to see my progress. It keeps me motivated. Enter the bullet journal. My notebook is pretty simple. Mostly black ink. Very little color. I use it to keep track of all my yarn. I track the weight, brand, quantity and whatever notes pertain to the yarn. So far, this spread is working for me. I would love to see what other knitters use their bullet journals for. If you’re on Instagram, leave me your IG name, I love the inspiration on Instagram.  My IG name is NYknits.


Bullet Journal & Knitting

I started my first Bullet Journal in November of this year. I have never, ever been a “planner”person. I never felt the need to have to write things down. I only had myself to keep track of. No children with doctor appointments or school activities to remember. I winged it. And got along just fine.

2016 had me thinking about how valuable my time is. How much time I spend doing things that add no value to my life. And…I wanted to see, in black and white, what I was doing with my time.

The bullet journal, according to Ryder Carroll the creator, is your to do list, notebook, diary, sketchbook. And anything else you want it to be. You set it up with what is important to you, not what a preprinted planner says you should keep track of.

*It provides a way to weed out distractions. It is the difference between being busy and being productive.

It allows me to focus on things worth my time, that are important to me and that add value to my life. All of this in just one month!

I am looking  forward to keeping track of my knitting projects, my yarn, needles and all things knitting. I think it will be fun to look back and see what I knit in a months time or three months time or in a years time.

If you’re interested in learning about the system, go to Get the basics, read the blog post on the site, then start. Check the bullet journal hashtag on social media and the tag here on WordPress. So much to see and try. That’s one thing I like about the system. You can change how you plan, track, organize from month to month. You can make it as pretty or simple as you like.

Its yours.

Photos NOT from
I settled on this spread for my knitting tracker


*Quote from the


Triple Play Scarf Free Pattern 

Remember when Lenny Kravitz was photographed wearing that huge scarf/blanket a couple of years ago? I thought I would trip and die if I ever attempted to wear that. It was ridiculously overwhelming.

Now I have my eye on this pattern from Lion brand. It’s a maybe. I’m thinking it could be for when I’m  indoors and I need a wrap to get the chill out. I’m always cold. No winter person here. Nope. 


ChiaGoo 9 Inch Circulars

I have been using my 9″ circulars for sock knitting for a minute now. The verdict is a definite yay. Although it  took a little while to become accustomed to them, I’m glad I stuck with it.  My hands were sore and felt so awkward at first. Once I loosened up my grip, they were fine. I alternate my grip from having my thumb close up to the tips or a little further back on the fabric

People who use them say it helps them knit faster because there is less adjusting than there is with double points or with the Magic loop method. I’m not sure if I knit faster or not. I just know I’m used to them and I prefer them to the Magic loop method.

img_0997img_0998img_1001img_1003I still use my longer circs to start the toe and I also use them if I’m knitting socks two at a time.

I purchased mine on after first checking with two of my local yarn stores. If you decide to try them, give them a fair shot. Try more than one project before giving up on them.

The yarn is Regia Pairfect Cotton.