The Fleegle Heel Is A Hit!

I saw Knitfreedom’s video on YouTube regarding the fleegle heel. I wanted to try it, however, I didn’t have a pattern and didn’t feel comfortable enough at the time to wing it. I’m never afraid to make mistakes and start over, I just felt I didn’t have the sock knitting experience to go it alone.     

 Now, after having made 20+ socks, I frequently knit socks without a pattern. A vanilla sock (plain stockinette) with my choice of toe and heel treatment is always on my needles. I want to learn as many techniques as possible and the many different sock heel treatments will keep me interested for a little while. 

This technique was easy to do and I like the look and feel on my foot. I will be definitely be knitting a Fleegle heel again. Visit the, blog watch the videos, see it you like it. Knitfreedom’s video

Fleegle’s Blog  

2 thoughts on “The Fleegle Heel Is A Hit!

  1. Fleegle heels have been on my to-try list for ages! I’ve got a ton of heels I want to try out, but I think I might have to bump this to the top of the list. It just looks so tidy and sturdy on your socks!

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