TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program

This is my second year as a member of the TKGA. I joined at the suggestion of my local guild and I am so glad I did

For a $25.00 yearly membership fee, you receive access to a plethora of fun and technical information. Cast On is the name of their monthly magazine. They also offer correspondence and mini courses.

I finally registered for the Master Hand Knitter Program. The MHK program is a correspondence course with three levels. Once each level is completed, it will be evaluated by the MHK committee. Only after the evaluation may you proceed to the next level.

The course teaches knitting techniques, traditions, the care of knit wear, the history of knitting and so much more. There are projects to turn in , papers to write and books to read and review.

If anyone is interested in joining me, the cost of level one is $105.00.

For more information visit The Knitting Guild Association. image.jpg

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