About.Com for Knitting Information And Resources

Photo taken at LI Livestock, Yaphank NY Happy knitting!

One of my very first sock patterns was from I visited the site today and realized how much there is to read there. Here are a few links that I found interesting. Please take a look if you already haven’t. I hope you find it as useful and informative as I have.

Everything you need to know about learning how to knit

Easy knitting patterns perfect for beginners

How to read a lace knitting chart

Learn how to master the little pearls knitting stitch

A complete guide to knitting your first sweater

And my favorite

Where to find good, free knitting patterns


3 thoughts on “About.Com for Knitting Information And Resources

  1. Thanks so much. I need all the help I can get. Will check it out.

    Started the worsted weight socks in the magic loop two at a time. A bit nerve racking at first, but I got the hang of it. Love the knit freedom site.
    Hope to see you Saturday 😁

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