How I am managing my yarn stash in my bullet journal. 

img_1036Late last year, I was listening to the VeryPink Knits podcast. Staci and KC (the hosts) were discussing how Staci does not have a yarn stash. I must have looked real cute in my cubicle at work, with my ear buds in and my mouth wide open. NO STASH!!? I do not know one knitter that does not have a stash. I am a new knitter. As a matter of fact, tomorrow, January 7th is my knitterversary. It will be my fourth knitterversary.

After four years, I have quite the stash. Let me take you back to the Verypink podcast. When KC asked Staci what she does when she goes into a yarn store and sees all the beautiful yarn, Staci said something like, I touch it, admire it and put it back. She only buys yarn she is going to cast on right away. Hmmm. I could do that.

I’ve been on a simplifying kick. I listen to the podcast, I participate in project 333 created by Courtney Carver of Be more with less and I started a bullet journal.

How I’m keeping track of my projects.

. One of my goals for 2017 is to use the yarn I have before buying anymore. And after attaining that goal, I will only buy yarn I am ready to cast on with.

I needed to take inventory. I needed a way to see my stash dwindle. Needed to see my progress. It keeps me motivated. Enter the bullet journal. My notebook is pretty simple. Mostly black ink. Very little color. I use it to keep track of all my yarn. I track the weight, brand, quantity and whatever notes pertain to the yarn. So far, this spread is working for me. I would love to see what other knitters use their bullet journals for. If you’re on Instagram, leave me your IG name, I love the inspiration on Instagram.  My IG name is NYknits.

6 thoughts on “How I am managing my yarn stash in my bullet journal. 

  1. What? No stash? I sew rather than knit and I have a ridiculous amount of fabric waiting to be used. I don’t dare write a list in my Bullet Journal, I’d scare myself!
    You can follow my Bullet Journal adventures on Instagram @keepsmeoutofmischief


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