Bullet Journal & Knitting

I started my first Bullet Journal in November of this year. I have never, ever been a “planner”person. I never felt the need to have to write things down. I only had myself to keep track of. No children with doctor appointments or school activities to remember. I winged it. And got along just fine.

2016 had me thinking about how valuable my time is. How much time I spend doing things that add no value to my life. And…I wanted to see, in black and white, what I was doing with my time.

The bullet journal, according to Ryder Carroll the creator, is your to do list, notebook, diary, sketchbook. And anything else you want it to be. You set it up with what is important to you, not what a preprinted planner says you should keep track of.

*It provides a way to weed out distractions. It is the difference between being busy and being productive.

It allows me to focus on things worth my time, that are important to me and that add value to my life. All of this in just one month!

I am looking  forward to keeping track of my knitting projects, my yarn, needles and all things knitting. I think it will be fun to look back and see what I knit in a months time or three months time or in a years time.

If you’re interested in learning about the system, go to Get the basics, read the blog post on the site, then start. Check the bullet journal hashtag on social media and the tag here on WordPress. So much to see and try. That’s one thing I like about the system. You can change how you plan, track, organize from month to month. You can make it as pretty or simple as you like.

Its yours.

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I settled on this spread for my knitting tracker


*Quote from the

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