ChiaGoo 9 Inch Circulars

I have been using my 9″ circulars for sock knitting for a minute now. The verdict is a definite yay. Although it  took a little while to become accustomed to them, I’m glad I stuck with it.  My hands were sore and felt so awkward at first. Once I loosened up my grip, they were fine. I alternate my grip from having my thumb close up to the tips or a little further back on the fabric

People who use them say it helps them knit faster because there is less adjusting than there is with double points or with the Magic loop method. I’m not sure if I knit faster or not. I just know I’m used to them and I prefer them to the Magic loop method.

img_0997img_0998img_1001img_1003I still use my longer circs to start the toe and I also use them if I’m knitting socks two at a time.

I purchased mine on after first checking with two of my local yarn stores. If you decide to try them, give them a fair shot. Try more than one project before giving up on them.

The yarn is Regia Pairfect Cotton.