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So, You  Want To Learn to Knit Socks?

Sock knitting is a passion for me. I am partial to a heel flap and gusset construction, however there are still some heel types I have yet to try. There is something about a nice gusset that gets to me. I think it’s the structure of it. It’s almost architectural. The clean, straight angled lines make me…*Sigh*

A young woman I follow on Instagram wants to learn to knit socks. From her posts I can see she is a prolific crocheter. If anyone wants to learn to knit socks, my advice is try to find a class at a local yarn store or see if a local knitting guild would be interested in holding a class. I was lucky enough to find a monthly knitting group at my local library that held a sock knitting class.

It was slow going, but I was determined to learn. I am on sock #13 this year and there is still much for me to learn. The first sock pattern I learned was from the book Socks From The Toe Up by Wendy Knits. This book is a wonderful resource. It has several patterns for you to try and keeps you interested and eager to try them all. Her blog is where you can find links for all of her books and several free  patterns. Enjoy!


Sock yarn score on the Long Island yarn crawl


My new sock blockers from Webs


2 thoughts on “So, You  Want To Learn to Knit Socks?

  1. Hi Katherine! My favorite heel to work is a short row, however my favorite heel style is a gusset with a slip stitch heel. I just love that look. I have yet to try the Flk, the sweet tomato and the fleegle. All three are on my 2017 goals list. How fun that you have someone to teach. Another sock addict will emerge.

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  2. Another LI knitter here! Not a native (I’m from Westchester) but I go to school out here. I’ve been knitting socks for ages (I think since 5th grade?) and I’ve yet to get bored of them. I’m actually going to be teaching a friend how to knit them soon! She’s a good knitter (solid in-the-round skills, basic stitches), she’s just intimidated by socks, which I totally understand. Just out of curiosity, what’s your favorite heel to work? I always ask people because I think it’s so interesting to hear why people like certain heels, since there’s so many different types. I’m a fan of short-row heels (in particular SoxTherapist’s Fish Lips Kiss heel).


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