Free Fair Isle Sachet Patterns

 A million thanks to KnitPicks for these adorable knit sachets. If you want to learn color work, this is a perfect way to give it a go. The designer is Anna Davis. The pattern is a part of their 12 weeks of gifting. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Free Fair Isle Sachet Patterns

  1. Went ahead and downloaded the pattern. I am a regular customer of Knit Picks–especially their sock yarn! I have never been disappointed in anything I have bought from them. Looking at these, I am already starting to figure out a few changes. Going down a needle size and using sock yarn. Also, I dislike purling back on fair isle. So, maybe knit as a small drawstring bag, knit in the round with some kind of plain or scalloped edge with some YOs to accommodate an icord pull or perhaps just a pretty ribbon and Kitchener stitched bottom edge. I like patterns that you can change about to suit yourself, which might be why I like sock knitting.

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      1. I think knitting socks helps you get used to seeing a pattern in different ways. Socks have a fairly standard template (cuff, leg, heel, instep, toe) that allows you to change things up a bit. Harder to do with a sweater pattern. I always say knitting is for thinkers. As you do more projects, you will get more comfortable with not taking a pattern as gospel and adventuring out on your own. Good times (and some tearing your hair out) ahead of you!


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