My First Sweater Is Finished And I Need To 🐸

It’s done! Yes, yes, yes. But…First thing:  Picking up stitches for the neckline was difficult for me. I just found it awkward. I wound up using a crochet motion to pick them up. The back of the neckline looks very neat, the front not so much.

Now for the reason I need to frog. The underarm area is too tight 😬. The seams look good but are much too tight to wear comfortable. Especially since I would probably wear a shirt or turtleneck underneath.

So, my project for the weekend is to finish and wear my sweater. I will then start another me. The next one I make will also be longer to better fit my long torso.

In the meantime, I picked up the book, Knits For Everybody at Knitpicks.

The book has patterns for a basic sweater, hat, sock and mittens. Sizes range from baby to men’s xxl and women’s plus sizes.img_0853<<<<

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