My First Knit Pullover

I started this sweater this morning. I chose this pattern because it is a classic crew neck that I am hoping will be easy as a first timer.

I also like the fact that is knit in pieces. I need to experience assembling and sewing the pieces together. I’ll be looking to my knitting circle for guidence and encouragement. They are so good at that.

I’m giving myself two weeks to complete it. Fingers crossed. The yarn is Lionbrand’s cotton ease. I picked up eight skeins at the Mather Hospital Thrift Shop.

The pattern is Solid Staple Sweater by Laura Meiser. It’s a free pattern available at

5 thoughts on “My First Knit Pullover

    1. Follow the link to the site and type Solid Staple in the search box. The pattern comes up. I copied the link, but it doesn’t take you to the pattern. I hope that helps. Good luck!


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