Why Am I Knitting With Super Bulky Yarn in June?

I simply did not have the patience to wait for cooler weather. I was gifted this wonderful, I guess you would call it novelty yarn and I was eager to see and feel it knitted up. It’s Polar FFF. The fiber content is 35% wool, 35% acrylic and 30% nylon. 

I made a cowl/snood and a hat. The label recommends size 13 needles and ravelry’s yarn page recommended size 17. I used size 15.  Bamboo straights for the cowl and a size 15, 16 inch circular for the hat. 

The hat is a pattern from Sheep & Stitch I found on YouTube. And the cowl I made up as I went along. It’s a k3,p3 on one row then knit the purls and purl the knits. I have seen this referred to as the trinity stitch. Not really sure what it is. I then seamed it side to side. It measures about 26 inches wide and 19 inches tall. 

The yarn gave me a little trouble. Every now and again the thread would get caught up and my stitch would be tight or twisted. It took a bit of time to get accustomed to it. Here is the link for the hat tutorial on YouTube. 

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