Needles and Wips

I really need to clear up some of these wips. There is a fair isle hat, a sock, möbius cowl, beanie for my other half, blah blah blah. Those blahs are a cardigan, a skirt and a frogging in progress. Thank goodness for an interchangeable set of needles. 

I use my Addi lace short tips on the regular. I also have a couple of bamboo straights and fixed circulars. When knitting with bulky or chunky yarn, I like to use bamboo. There’s something warm and cozy about big yarn and wood needles. 

I am now on the market for an interchangeable bamboo set. Ravelry and Amazon have a ton of reviews. I’m hoping my knitting guild has a needle tasting. That’s a great way to test before you buy. I’m going to suggest it at the next meeting. Let’s see how it flys. 

Have a great week knitters!